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Windshield is an essential part of structural integrity of any boat or off-shore cruiser which enables proper functioning of the vehicle.  Windshield of high quality fabricated with respect to all key parameters provides comfortable sailing and enjoyable daily use of your boat.  

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What kind of windshields do we make?

We use high strength aluminum framing in our manufacturing, as well as high quality rubber seal and fittings.

Technical specialists of VOLGAMARINE company make detailed drawings before the fabrication based on dimensions of the mounting surface. In order to fabricate a flat windshield, all what need is a drawing. Therefore, no need to have your boat at our sites. However, we will need your boat on site, if you require a custom curved windscreen fabrication.





Our advantages

Manufacturing experience  - more than 7 years.

Materials – system of aluminum profiles, rubber seals, and fittings.

Equipment – a line of metal forming equipment with a set of jigs and fixtures to manufacture the desired product for our clients. 

Personnel  — professional team including skilled engineers with a significant experience in manufacturing to achieve best results. 

Warranty covers works and materials for 1 (ONE) year period.

Our main aim is the constant improvement of our products and services to meet all the requirements of our customers.





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